What is the current state of recruitment for new members and for former members.

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What is the current state of recruitment for new members and for former members.

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First, thank you to each and every one of you for coming here. We are very pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for a long time now, as well as those who are new to the Asian DVD Club.

ADC mission has not changed since 2005, it is to preserve rare and unique media not available anywhere else.

What is happening with Asian DVD Club now? It is fully functional, restores recent members, admits new members and condition of upload and gives opportunity to former members to restore membership by uploading materials they accumulated. (former members with definite proof of membership will have the opportunity in 2023 to rejoin without upload, but it will not be an easy due to the huge amount of fraud). Just to add one innovation to that, every single upload you give now guarantees that you will have credit in the same amount toward your upload, regardless if it was downloaded or not.

Most of the ADC titles are outside copyright enforcement due to an old age. Newer material if not licensed in your country is completely legal to download and share. Although, there might be some country or locality specific laws that you have to check for. But we do not wish members to engage in piracy, person to person file sharing by all means is not illegal.

What was happening recently, why ADC was not accessible for some time?
In 2019, we suffered a catastrophic loss of data connected to system administrator gfk disappearance. Asian DVD club software has not been updated for a while and became totally outdated and requiring complete from zero overhaul to resume service. And that required a lot of money.
ADC is working currently because of the gift from 1 individual to cover 1 year of ADC expenses (before inflation kicked in) given directly to administrator solcen who led the group of members who following collapse were willing to restore Asian DVD Club the prior glory. Even that had failed, as the majority was not willing to give money at all.

And as no one was willing to pay to restore and preserve statistics of older generation, and preference was given to rebuilding files database by contributing own libraries to save money, result is we did not save the database of members. Every form a member will have to be starting from zero. Currently, we have about 4000 members registered with 1000 to be an active, we have more than 3500 torrents and the library grows daily. This time around, a lot of old-timers from ADC years back are interested and coming back with the large collections being preserved from decades back.

To summarize, if you have something unique, interesting engaging in the world of Asian cinema you can join us right now. Best way to do that through the Discord server, but you can send a direct message to the administrator here. All you need is three titles on Blu-ray, DVD or UHD. Size is irrelevant, unless it's huge. And sorry, we do not plan open enrollment, as a recent experience has shown it only leads to disarray and abuse.

You can join our discord server by following this link.
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